Sunday, 23 June 2013

Things on the bicycle lanes

 I'm a relatively new cyclist in Copenhagen. Before I moved to Copenhagen I hadn't been on a bike for 17 years. And that was at an outdoor pursuits week in Wales. Not the same. It took a while before I was able to head out on the bike on my own but I'm a lot better than when I first started. However the Copenhagen cycle lanes are not filled just with everyday cyclists. No no. I have made a list of ten things that I have seen (well, nine I have seen ... the last one is a tale told to me by my husband) on the lanes local to me.

Some of these are quite impressive, some of these are dangerous. Obviously do not try these yourself. Especially drunk cycling - I am vehemently against this.

1. Someone rolling up a cigarette
2. Someone sending an SMS
3. People who dismount the bike with that graceful arabesque - I CANNOT get the hang of that.
4. People who carry the weekly food shop on the handlebars
5. A man cycling in flimsy flip-flops
6. A lady cycling in stiletto heels
7. A very drunk guy who could barely walk unlock his bike and then cycle away in a straight line
8. Roller bladers and mopeds (I HATE the mopeds on the bike lanes - get onto the road!)
9. Eating a gelato whilst cycling one-handed
10. My husband also told me a "legendary" story of a guy he invited to a party at his old college dorm. My husband had asked him to bring some spare chair, the guy turns up with two wooden, non-foldable chairs. Husband asks whether he drove; no. Husband asks whether he cabbed it; no. Husband asks how he carried them; the guy had hung them off his forearm and cycled up. Impressive (but not recommended).

Anyone seen anything impressive, funny or just downright weird?