Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Me, my blog and I.

Ok, so not the most original of post titles. And I don't exactly have the writing style of ... well, I can't think of a good example right now (Austen a bit too prim, Atwood a bit too 'out there') but I do hope that you take some time to read this and, if you wish, leave me some feedback.

I'm Nicola. I work in marketing. I hail from Essex, live in London, and am of both English and Filipino origin (with a dash of Irish and twist of Spanish thrown in for good measure). I'm quite tall for a girl with Filipino blood (5'8"). I've been with my wonderful man for just over two years, who I am marrying in April 2013. 
On a somewhat superficial level, I like cheap regal tat and polka dots. On a not-so-superficial level I like the music of Debussy and Google Analytics, not that the two can be immediately linked. I also have a massive love/hate relationship with the Sunday morning television debates that the BBC inflict on us, or, to put it another way, I inflict on myself. Never has a Sunday morning gone by where I don't want to throw something at a pompous person with an opinion on the telly.

Anyway, the main reason for starting this blog is because 2012 has been the biggest year of my 31 years on earth - I've lost a dear family member, I've just gotten engaged and I'm emigrating - and I guess as so much has gone on and is going on that I want to document this, even if just for my own sake. My goal isn't to become a "famous blogger" or to have a super cool writing style ... ideally I'd love it if someone found my blog useful to them, be it for weddings, emigrating or dealing with every day stuff. Who knows.

And that seems as good a place to sign off as any, so I'll write again soon. Probably tonight.