Thursday, 21 February 2013

Cost of living: postponed to next week

Hi everyone,

I've decided to postpone the cost of living post until next week; I'm in the process of comparing receipts from Føtex to a comparable supermarket in the UK and I need more stats (can you tell I have a background in data marketing?) in order to do the post properly. So, just a rundown of what it will contain:

  • Shopping bills
  • Rent
  • Transport
  • Utility bills
  • Internet and mobile

If you can think of anything else, please leave a comment. I'm not counting anything that would come out of one's disposable income yet as I don't consider that under cost of living. I'm only talking essentials.

Anyway, I'm off to London today! The weather (yes, the weather - I'm British) last week was really sunny in London, or at least according to Facebook it was. Here in Copenhagen it was a bit drab. Typically as I'm off to the airport the sun is shining in Copenhagen and it is DRAB with a capital 'D' in London. Never mind. It's not like it's tropical in either city.

Anyway - I'll write again next week. Until then.


English Expat in Denmark: Cost of Living will now be published on Friday 2nd March