Monday, 25 March 2013

Recommended websites for an expat in Denmark

Hi everyone,

I frequent many expat online communities and have found that I am posting the same links in all of them. Sooooo, I thought it might be helpful if I had a post which contains recommended reading for any expat, whether new, old or would-be. I hope this will be of use.

If you are already an expat in Denmark, chances are that you have already heard of Dagmar Fink, the woman behind Worktrotter. The Worktrotter website has plenty of great advice for the newly arrived expat or indeed the expat who might be finding settling in Denmark a challenge (who hasn't). Dagmar has also written two very useful guides - the Worktrotters Guide to Denmark and Business Dances With Danes - Decoding Danish Workplace Culture. Dagmar has helped many an expat settle into life here and regularly gives talks - keep your eye out for her, she is an inspiring woman.

Expat In Denmark - blog
The website itself has very similar links to the Worktrotter website. However I really love the blog on this website. The contributors are made up of both Danes and expats alike and the blog posts give both personal experience and advice at the same time. My favourites are this post by Hannah West regarding starting your own business and this post by Anna, who documents her experiences of being a "trailing spouse".

KĂžbenhavns Kommune
Local government website for Copenhagen. If you are living in other parts of Denmark then look up the city name followed by 'kommune' e.g. Aarhus kommune. The ones I know of all have their websites in English as well as Danish so I would think it is the same throughout.

Job portal for Denmark. All in Danish however a few of the job postings, particularly within sales and marketing, can be found in English.

Have I missed any obvious ones out? Feel free to leave them below.